nationality: German
height: 5“4
hair: blonde

eyes: blue – green
role type: Caucasian
languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

Film/TV, Theatre

Dignity, Julio Jorquera
Invercine&Wood / Story House Productions
Santiago, Cile


La Vacanza, Enrico Iannaccone
Luciano Stella
Naples, Italy


Incantesimo 9, various
Dap Italy for Rai Uno
Rome, Italy


Maria Montessori, G.M.Tavarelli
Novafilms for Mediaset
Rome, Italy


Nati Ieri, P.Genovese/L.Miniero
Luxvideo for Mediaset
Rome, Italy

Il Mares. Rocca 4, G.Capitani
Solaris for Rai Uno
Rome, Italy


4 tongues, A.Johnson
Rome, Italy/L.A., USA


Cabaretistique, A.Merkin
”Marlene Dietrich”
Five Lion Productions
New York, USA


Remember, B.Kehrer
New York Film School
New York, USA


Bianca La Notte, D.Cimatti
Rome, Italy

The Three Headed Lady
Dumbo Art Festival Theatre Ouf!
New York, USA


Musical Theatre Showcase
Marilyn Monroe Theatre New York, USA


Le Malentendu
Theatre Mignon Geneva, Switzerland


Mein Bruder der Zombie
Story House Productions
Director: Andreas Gutzeit
Berlin, Germany


“Mother” FARGOfilm
Rome/Turin, Italy

The Lee Strasberg Theatre
and Film Institute

New York
Paul Calderon
New York, USA
Susan Grace Cohen
New York, USA
Ted Zurkowski
New York, USA
Pennie DuPont
New York, USA
Chad Burton
New York, USA

The Actor´s Center,

Michael Margotta
Rome, Italy
Mamadou Dioume
Paris, France

École supérieure d’art dramatique
de Genève

Genva, Switzerland

Scott Flaherty
New York, USA
Anna Carnovali
Rome, Italy
Okryon Kim
Berlin, Germany

Modern dance
Jazz dance

playing piano and flute

(French, Italian, English)
Munich, Germany

(art-history and sociology)
Munich, Germany